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A strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript
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About PureScript

module HelloWorld where

import Prelude
import Data.Maybe (Maybe(..))

helloWorld :: Maybe String -> String
helloWorld Nothing = "Hello, World!"
helloWorld (Just x) =
  "Hello, " <> x <> "!"

PureScript is a purely functional, statically-typed programming language with global type inference.

Functional means that functions are first-class values. Functions are an important and powerful tool for abstraction. In PureScript, computation is modeled as the evaluation of expressions made up of function applications, rather than as the execution of a sequence of instructions.

Purely Functional means that it is possible to tell if a computation has side-effects or not, meaning that if a computation changes a global variable, reads from input, writes to a socket, etc. it will be reflected in the type of the computation.

Statically-typed means that all computations have a type that is known before running the program.

Global type inference means that the compiler can figure out the type of computations in the entire program without needing the programmer to specify the type.

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A tremendous learning opportunity to explore the depth of your own knowledge

Exercism is fantastic in learning new languages but that is not the extent of it. If you are a "more experienced" programmer you may have encountered impostor syndrome: the idea you don't really know what you think you know. Exercism lets you solve problems and put them in the space of open feedback which is a tremendous learning opportunity to explore the depth of your own knowledge. Even if you have been programming in a language for awhile it is worth checking into Exercism to see where you stand with current implementation practices.

Relaxed. Encouraging. Supportive.

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Once you join the PureScript language track, you will receive support and feedback from our team of mentors. Here are the bios of a few of the mentors of this track.

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Matthias Wimmer https://matthias-wimmer.de/

Professionally I code in Rust and C, but in private life I love Haskell and related languages.
Fun. Challenging. Interesting

Community-sourced PureScript exercises

These are a few of the 28 exercises on the PureScript track. You can see all the exercises here.

Sum Of Multiples
bitwise operations
Largest Series Product
Passionate. Knowledgeable. Creative.

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The PureScript Maintainers are the brains behind the PureScript Track. They spend their spare time creating interesting and challenging exercises that we can all learn from. We are incredibly grateful for their hard work. Here are the bios of a few of the maintainers of this track.

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Madeline Trotter

PureScript dev by day, mostly frontends using React.
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Matthias Wimmer

Professionally I code in Rust and C, but in private life I love Haskell and related languages.

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